About Me


I'm Alice, a 22 year old university student living out of home in Sydney, Australia! 

I enjoy anything that glitters and sparkles, bright colours, bold lips and delicious food and wine. 

I am studying Early Childhood Education at Macquarie University. This is one of my passion, providing children with the best education that they can receive that is both enjoyable and fulfilling for them to grow and develop into amazing people. 

My other passion in life is exploring the world, good food and learning more about beauty and makeup things. 

This blog will provide an insight into my daily life, things that I enjoy, the occasional educational post, and definitely a large range of beauty posts. 

I hope you enjoy this journey through my life and I hope to keep you updated regularly (but who knows what happens when it gets to uni semesters and assignments). 

Lots of amazing love, 

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