Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lunch at The Grounds of Alexandria

So today my wonderful friend Danielle flew in from the country to visit for the weekend. As she lives in a little country town the first thing she wanted to do was go out to eat (which is never a problem in my eyes). As we were so close I decided The Grounds at Alexandria would be a wonderful place for some food. As we got there we got our buzzer for a table and had a wander around the area. It is quite a large cafe with beautiful gardens and they even have a pig, named Kevin Bacon. First stop on my list was coffee, I ordered a strong Latte ($4) and we continued to explore. 

 Around the garden there a little stalls selling a range of different delicious sweet baked goods, fresh fruit and lemonades and beautiful flowers. Then our buzzer went off! It was time to eat! 

For lunch I ordered the Cured Salmon Salad ($17). It was absolutely delicious. The salmon was served with a cucumber and beetroot salad with chives, toasted bread and cream fraiche. I loved the dish. It was packed full of flavour and really refreshing. 

Danielle ordered a Beef Ragu pasta (can't remember the exact name sorry, $19). It looked amazing and I had a little taste of the beef and it was melt in your mouth amazing. We were both really happy with our choices. 

I also ordered some polenta chips ($4.50) which were a bit of a mistake. Firstly because the salad was super filling and delicious that I didn't need them and secondly because they weren't the greatest. They were very thick and quite dry. They also didn't have much seasoning on them so they were a little plain. But hey you win some and lose some. 

Lastly my drink, this was a watermelon, pineapple, apple, lemon and mint juice and it was one of the best juices i have ever tasted. The right balance of sweet, sour and minty and just so easy to drink. I believe this would taste amazing as a cocktail with some vodka added to it. That's something I must try at home! 

I had such a wonderful morning and I love going out and trying new things. Just an update, so far this blog seems to have revolved around lifestyle and food posts but I promise there will be some beauty posts coming soon. I just love food a lot haha! 

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