Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lunch at The Grounds of Alexandria

So today my wonderful friend Danielle flew in from the country to visit for the weekend. As she lives in a little country town the first thing she wanted to do was go out to eat (which is never a problem in my eyes). As we were so close I decided The Grounds at Alexandria would be a wonderful place for some food. As we got there we got our buzzer for a table and had a wander around the area. It is quite a large cafe with beautiful gardens and they even have a pig, named Kevin Bacon. First stop on my list was coffee, I ordered a strong Latte ($4) and we continued to explore. 

 Around the garden there a little stalls selling a range of different delicious sweet baked goods, fresh fruit and lemonades and beautiful flowers. Then our buzzer went off! It was time to eat! 

For lunch I ordered the Cured Salmon Salad ($17). It was absolutely delicious. The salmon was served with a cucumber and beetroot salad with chives, toasted bread and cream fraiche. I loved the dish. It was packed full of flavour and really refreshing. 

Danielle ordered a Beef Ragu pasta (can't remember the exact name sorry, $19). It looked amazing and I had a little taste of the beef and it was melt in your mouth amazing. We were both really happy with our choices. 

I also ordered some polenta chips ($4.50) which were a bit of a mistake. Firstly because the salad was super filling and delicious that I didn't need them and secondly because they weren't the greatest. They were very thick and quite dry. They also didn't have much seasoning on them so they were a little plain. But hey you win some and lose some. 

Lastly my drink, this was a watermelon, pineapple, apple, lemon and mint juice and it was one of the best juices i have ever tasted. The right balance of sweet, sour and minty and just so easy to drink. I believe this would taste amazing as a cocktail with some vodka added to it. That's something I must try at home! 

I had such a wonderful morning and I love going out and trying new things. Just an update, so far this blog seems to have revolved around lifestyle and food posts but I promise there will be some beauty posts coming soon. I just love food a lot haha! 

Thanks for reading, 

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

High Tea at the Gunners Barracks

On Sunday I went with my boyfriend, Benjamin's family to High Tea at the Gunners Barracks in Mosman for his mums birthday. I am super lucky to have a wonderful second family that love me as much as my own family. They are all family to me! The morning tea we had was absolutely amazing. Both the food and the view across the water!

The scones were some of the best that I have ever eaten. The sandwiches were delicious and they had my favourite, smoked salmon with cream cheese and dill! The macaroons were lime flavoured and were good, not the best i have ever had (hello Zumbo!) but good, but the passionfruit cheesecake slice was to die for. All in all the food was amazing and I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a wonderful morning or afternoon. 

Along with the amazing 'adult' food they catered really well for the little ones as well. This is my absolutely beautiful niece, Lucy, enjoying her kids high tea and baby chino. But as all 3 year olds are, they can get a bit bored sitting at a table so in front of the barracks is a grassy area to look out over the ocean so we went for a run and took some photos. She is a dream to photograph! 

I had such a wonderful morning with my amazing family and heres a selfie for good measure! Leave me a comment about your favourite high tea place (if you have been).

For more information on having high tea at the Gunner's Barracks visit their website. 

Love always, 

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Day at the Markets

On Saturday I decided that I wanted to head out somewhere new where I had never been before. With with wonderful Amy by my side we set out for the afternoon to explore Glebe Markets and the surrounding area.

Glebe Markets has a mixture of vintage/second-hand clothes, people selling the items that they have created, bric-a-brac and a range of delicious food and drink stalls. Of course the first thing that we had to do was find something delicious to eat. I opted for a Turkish Gozleme with spinach and cheese and Amy a gourmet sausage sandwich. I also got a fresh lemonade and Amy a Pinelime-aid (Pineapple and Lime). Market food is usually always pretty good and this was one of the best gozleme's I have ever had.

Once we had finished eating, whilst listening to the sounds of live music, we started to explore the stalls of the markets. Some of my friends has set up a stall selling off some of their clothes they don't wear anymore. I think this is a great idea and I might have to do it next time I have a clear out of my closet. We wandered the stalls for about an hour looking at amazing, handmade jewellery and smelling delicious candles. Neither of us ended up buying anything but it was wonderful to look and explore.

I haven't been to Glebe many times before so it was nice just to wander up Glebe Point Rd checking out some of the shops and quirky little places there. There are a couple of amazing bookshops that were wonderful to get lost in looking at a variety of beautiful books and stationary (one of my shopping weaknesses!) and some delectable desert places. We decided on San Churro Chocolatier for coffee and churros. Chocolate and caramel with Spanish Donuts plus Iced Spanish Lattes, what could go wrong!

The wonderful Amy, my exploring companion!
How delicious does that look?! 

Once we devoured this sweet goodness we left and the weather had changed. It wasn't the nice sunny day the morning was but the wind and picked up and it looked like a large storm was rolling in. It was time to head home (this was without stopping to take a few pictures on the way).

Quick outfit of the day for you: 

Striped Top - Dotti 
Denim Jacket - Bardot 
Black Jeans - Wrangler
Scarf - Agent NinetyNine 
Shoes - Converse 
Bag - Next (UK)
Lips - Kate Moss Rimmel 107  

All in all I had a wonderful afternoon exploring more of my beautiful city and can't wait to check out some more! Let me know some of your favourite areas of Sydney (or other cities) that I should check out. 

Love always,

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